The League Dating App (Review): A Dating Site Exclusively For Elites

Do you consider yourself to be an elite or have you ever been said to be of a high standard? If your response is affirmative, and you are single, Then The League Dating App (Review) will be the best for you. There is a huge chance that you will get who will meet your taste in an online dating site that is exclusive for elites and busy professionals called The League Dating App (Review). This that you are about to read is all in all you need to know about The League and how you can use it to get a future partner, among other things.

The League Dating App (Review)

The League Dating App at a Glance

Founded: 2014

Age Range: 22-33

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Operating system: iOS, Android


The League Dating App Overview

The League is a dating app designed to bring successful, ambitious, elite singles together to breed power couples. It was founded in 2014 by Amanda Bradford, who also serves as its CEO. The dating platform was birthed as a result of the frustration experienced by the founder with online dating.

Users get to access the site/app using their LinkedIn and Facebook ID, then they will choose preferences which include gender, age, height, distance, education, religion and ethnicity in order to be matched. Users are given five potential matches per day, and they can swipe right or left to indicate interest or otherwise.

It is important to note that The League sign up is different from other dating services, as it is not for all but a few. Every user is given a ticket to invite a friend in order to be a member, while those that can’t get this ticket can sign up for the waiting list. This is because the owners of the site must verify all users before admitting them into the “league”.

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The age range of users is around 28-33. It recently allowed users of above 40 to sign up, and it doesn’t discriminate against gender, religion or sexual orientation, however, 99% of users are straights.

The League functions well in urban area rather than disperse settlement and it supports both Android and iOS devices.

What are the Features of The League Dating App?

The League has many features similar to other apps, but it is not without its unique and special features. These features are:

  • The Waitlist: This is one of the unique features of The League dating app. It is used for signing up. Without you being on the waiting list, you won’t be able to access the league service and no one has ever bypassed this.
  • League Groups: The League has groups for users which can be used to form a small circle of interest as a form of club or to join conversations. It is in line with its main purpose of building an elite caucus.
  • League Tickets: This is a feature that increases users’ chance of getting matches to the top and brightest users. The feature isn’t free, and it is different from the paid service as well.
  • League Owner: This is a paid service on The League that opens the user to some exclusive perks like daily stats, read receipts, access to groups, VIP passes etc.
  • The League Business Model: This runs on the premium model where they create awesome features. It is basically made to enjoy the “eliteness” of the app.

What We Like About the League Dating App

  • Lots of authentic users
  • Gives use matches every day
  • No standards are too high for dating on The League
  • Strong authentication to block users who want to exploit

What We Don’t Like About the League Dating App

  • You can’t sign up without been on the waitlist
  • Registration takes much time
  • It is expensive and not made for all
  • Few LGBT+ user base
  • Not good for individuals living outside the urban settlement

What are the Membership Types on The League Dating App?

The League has both paid and free membership which members can pick from depending on how much the user wants to enjoy the platform. The membership types are:

1. Free Service: This can be accessed by all users who have been accepted into the platform. The features enjoyed in this category of service include: Search and browse profiles; create a photo profile; Send friend requests; create a photo profile etc.

2. Member: Member is a paid membership on the League dating app that cost $99 per months. Apart from the features in the free service, users in this category also enjoy a grand total of five daily prospects, an expedited profile review, read receipts, and a more customizable bio.

3. Owner: This is another paid membership that cost $299 per month. Subscribers tend to enjoy more features like prospects per daily batch; 3 dates per League Live party; Unlimited Power Moves (that guarantee everyone you like sees you immediately); Unlimited Rematches; Know if someone has already liked you; 6 Friend Requests per day and lots more.

4. Investor: Investors subscribers to The League dating app get the max daily prospects along with the power to message anyone they like. Investors’ profiles are purportedly seen by 40% more people than members lower on the membership totem pole. It cost $399 per week.

Breakdown of Membership Costs on the League App

Membership TypeMembership PeriodMembership Cost ($)Total ($)
Regular Member1 Month199.99199.99
Regular Member3 Months99.00296.99
Regular Member6 Months67.00401.99
Owner1 Month399.00399.00
Owner3 Months99.66299.00
Investor1 Week399. 99399.99
Investor1 Month999.99999.99

Breakdown of Ticket Bundles on the League App

CreditsCost ($/Credit)Total ($)

What are the Rules for Using the League App?

  • You must be 18 years or above
  • Any form of social abuse is strictly prohibited
  • No room for voyeurs
  • You must be patient as your duration on the waitlist can take a longer time
  • There is no room for soliciting and funding or whatsoever

How to Register, Login and Download the League Dating App

The League dating app is available on Google Play Store and App Store which is free to download.

Now to sign up for the league dating app, you need to visit its official website Then, click on “get started”, the link will lead you to download the app on either app store or goggle play store (depending on your mobile phone).

After downloading the app, on the home page, select the type of membership you want to begin with out of the three membership options. The paid membership takes little time to be approved while the free service takes a while.

You will then be required to provide the following to begin the sign up process:

  • Name
  • Birthday
  • Location
  • Facebook or LinkedIn link
  • Email address and phone number
  •  Brief Bio
  • Dating preference

When you have been verified, you can begin to use the app and enjoy its services.

How to Build a Good Dating Profile on The League Dating App

There are some tips to be considered while building your profile on The League App as it increases your chance of getting attracted to a potential date.

1. Ensure you fill out the about section and make it a little life in the sense that it shouldn’t be seen as a “beautiful rubbish” bio.

2. The app allows you to use six photos aside from the one on your social media link. Ensure these pictures are filter-free and show most part of your physique. Profile pictures are automatically picked from your social media link.

3. No Selfies: Never post selfies, wear the same shirt in two photos, go shirtless, or post a photo of you and a former significant other.

4. be yourself: There is nothing good in a profile other than been simple and real. The platform is for the elites, so why putting up who you are not?

How to Find and Start a Date on the League App

The League gives users matches each day according to their preferences and the membership type they subscribed to. Free users tend to get 3, Member subscribers get 5 while Owners get 7. When you receive the match, you can either swipe right or left to indicate interest or otherwise. If eventually, the match indicates interest with the “heart” icon, you will be notified and the conversation can start.

You can start a conversation on The League App using its messenger or video chat feature. The conversation can then later lead to a physical date which would be a good testimony for both. It should be noted that, if neither person decides they’re interested in chatting within 21 days, the match will expire. Though there is the possibility of a rematch which is an added cost.

 How to Confirm Genuine Match on the League

The League as claimed is an elite dating site. It really frowns at fake accounts, that’s why it builds the sign-up process to be tedious in order to ensure that all users that signed up are real users.

Should in case you are in doubt that the match is too good to be real. Follow this tip to confirm that:

1. Too good to be real photos are suspected to belong to scammers

2. Check the English if it’s native or not

3. Funds solicitors are nothing but catfishes and scammers.

How to Block a Match on the League App

When you have any match that seems to be out of what you can take, there is an option to get the user out of your way. Though this is a rarity on the platform.

Step 1: Screenshot the conversation you find offensive or out of normal

Step 2: Then head to the Settings page in the app

Step 3: Scroll down to the button labelled, ‘report a bug’

Step 4: Description yourself in the space provided

Step 5: Upload the screenshots you were able to get.

Step 6: Send, and you’ll receive notifications of the action taken.

What are the Alternatives to Tinder App?

1. The Seeking Millionaire: The Seeking Millionaire website is a dating site launched in 2007. It is an alternative to The League in that it offers a special arrangement, as it matches users together, for wealth and beauty, as well as other important qualities like compassion, personality, and honesty. It also encourages long-term love and commitment among its members. Furthermore, it has over 20millon users

2. What’s Your Price: This dating platform has an intriguing concept in its approach to rich men dating – bid on the woman you want to date, and what you’re willing to pay for her allowance, expenses, and companionship. It is in short hookup site for big men as it spares members most of the awkward chat, and let them get straight to the point instead. It is well secured and this makes it easier for the user to get what they want.

3. SingleElites: EliteSingles is a dating site which aimed at creating a mature dating pool for educated professionals — that is, without skimping out on romance and sending you on the most boring date of your life. The site is well secured as all profile are being verified by customer care. It is focused on educated elites and over 80% of users have a college degree.

Final Thought: The League is a good dating app but for the elites. It is just out of the reach for the common folks. Getting to access the app needs patient, this is as a result of ensuring that only real users get into the app. If you consider yourself as an elite or a high standard person, the platform is just for you. It’s a long process worth the wait. Just take that from us.


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