Quicken Loans Log In – Sign in to Your Quicken Loans Account

Do you have a Do you have a Quicken Loan account, but don’t know how to access it? Don’t worry you will find out how in this write-up. However, before I go into the login process, there are things you should know about the Quicken loans.

Quicken Loans

The company offering Quicken Loans has changed its name from Quicken Loan to Rocket Mortgage. Some members or aspiring members might find it confusing when the name “Rocket Mortgage” pops up on the screen. Anytime you see Quicken loans or Rocket Mortgage, just know that they are the same.

Quicken Loans Log in – Quicken Loan Login

Sign in to your quicken loan/rocket Mortgage account to manage your loan. With this account you can do the following;

  • Calculate your payment
  • Make your payment
  • Access tools such as the mortgage calculator, Home affordability tool, etc.
  • View your loan information and documents.

These are some of the benefits you enjoy when you sign in to your Quicken loans account.

How to Login to your Quicken Loan/Rocket Mortgage Account

To manage your account online, kindly follow the steps below;

  • Navigate to https://www.rocketmortgage.com/
  • Press on the Sign In tab from the top right corner
  • Fill in your Username and Password
  • Press on the Sign-in Widget

If you forgot your account username or password, please tap on the Forgot Username, or forgot password tab. As time goes on, if your recent username is not a valid email address, you’ll be prompted to change it to a valid one. Moreover, you can change it now in your profile after you log in. Also, if you sign for an account after 12/2017, your email address is your username.

How to Sign in to Quicken Loan Account via Rocket Mortgage App

To log in to your Quicken loan account through the rocket mortgage app, follow these steps;

  • Enable your internet connection
  • Navigate to the play store/apps store
  • On the search engine, search for Rocket Mortgage
  • Select the app, from the list
  • Select the install/Get link and follow the guide to get the app
  • After you download and Install the app, Launch it
  • Move straight to the sign-in section
  • Key in your Username and Password
  • Press on the Sign In button.

These are procedures to sign in to your Quicken loan/rocket mortgage account via mobile app.

Quicken Loan Customer Service Number

As the most convenient way to finance a home, quicken loan offers amazing customer service. With award-winning service and cutting-edge digital platforms, its customer care representatives help their clients make better decisions in less time.

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Do you need any form of help, or maybe you were unable to sign into your account? If yes call on the customer service representative.

How to Get Quicken Loan Customer Service Phone Number

To access the customer service phone number, do the following;

  • Go to https://www.quickenloans.com/
  • Scroll towards the bottom of the Quicken loan Homepage
  • Select the Contact Us tab
  • Get the phone number from the Contact Us page.

You can now give the customer service agent a call.


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