Apply For Canada Visa Sponsorship Program – See Visa Form & Guideline

The Canadian government offers citizens and permanent residents living in the country the opportunity to bring their immediate relative who is abroad to come and live with them in the country. In this article, we will be discussing how you can apply for Canada Visa Sponsorship Program, application procedure, requirements and guidelines to get the visa.

Apply For Canada Visa Sponsorship Program

What’s Canada Visa Sponsorship Program

The Canada visa sponsorship program known as Family Class Sponsorship Visa is a type of visa issued that allows an adult Canadian citizen or permanent resident to bring in their immediate family members to come and live with them in the country. The visa is to connect family members together for better productivity of an individual. The beneficiaries of the visa tend to enjoy all dividend that a permanent resident will enjoy like work, access to health care, study, own property and so on. A citizen or permanent resident that is below 18 years old cannot sponsor a family member.

Categories of Family Members that Can Be Sponsored

  • Spouse: The couple must be legally married in the country of origin and under Canadian law.
  • Common-Law Partner: The partner must be having at least a year of uninterrupted cohabitation in a conjugal relationship.
  • Conjugal Partner:  The relationship must have lasted for at least a year. A conjugal partnership is a relationship between two people who are in a marriage-like relation but are not married and cannot live together due to circumstances beyond their control like religious issues, immigration barriers, marital status and marital status.
  • Same-sex Relationships: LGBT+ partners are considered valid for immigration purposes under these categories.
  • Dependent Child: A dependent child is either a biological child or an adopted child of a parent. They are as well valid under this visa.
  • Parent and Grandparent: Another set of family members which can be sponsored under this visa are parents and grandparents. It should be noted that before application, sponsor must ensure that they don’t need social assistance from the government.
  • Siblings, Nephew and Niece: Siblings as well as child of one’s uncle or aunt can be sponsored in this category and they must not be up to 18 years.

What are the Requirements for Sponsoring a Visa in Canada?

  • A sponsor must be 18 years of age or older.
  • A sponsor must be a citizen or permanent resident
  • A sponsor must be living in Canada
  • A sponsor must provide financial support for a spouse, common-law or conjugal partner for three years from the date they become a permanent resident.
  • A sponsor must provide financial support for a dependent child for 10 years, or until the child turns 25.
  • A sponsor must sign a sponsor agreement with the sponsored relative to ascertain that he/she can support himself/herself.
  • A sponsor must not be bankrupt
  • A sponsor must not be under a removal order of a Permanent Resident

Sponsor Support Documents for Canada Sponsorship Visa

The following are the documents required by sponsor to show interest in applying for Canada sponsorship visa program:

  • Permanent Resident Card (both sides); or Confirmation of Permanent Residence.
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate or card (for naturalized citizen of Canada).
  • Canadian Birth Certificate.
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate (for the ones issued before 1977).
  • Canadian Passport.
  • Marriage Certificate (for sponsoring spouse).
  • Proof of Employment.
  • Wedding invitations and photos.
  • Proof of Income/ Evidence of Self-employed income (for sole business owners)

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Sponsored Support Documents for Canada Sponsorship Visa

Identity documents and Civil Status documents: Sponsored will be required to present means of identification that will show the relationship with the sponsor and their home country.

  • International Passport: Sponsored will need to present a valid international passport with at least 3 months validity and other travelling documents in line with the guide of the country the sponsored is in.
  • Proof of relationship to sponsor A convincing evidence that the sponsor has relation with the sponsor.
  • Police Certificates and Clearances: Sponsored should present a police report from the country they have been for the last six months to prove that they are crime-free. Only individuals above 18 are required to bring present this evidence.
  • Proof of Medical Examination: Each sponsor is required to present a medical report and client biodata to ascertain their health conditions.

Steps to Apply for Canada Visa Sponsorship Programme

To apply for Canada visa sponsorship program, a sponsor need to submit an application together with a permanent resident application request for the sponsored. The steps for application is below:

Step 1: Get the Application Forms

The first step towards obtaining the sponsorship visa is to get application form for who you are sponsoring as well as for the sponsor and ensure accurate guide is taken in filling the form.

Step 2: Gather the Support Documents

After filling the application forms, you now need to gather all the support documents. You should ensure you go through the country specification to know the exact documents needed. The basics have been mentioned above. Also, if the documents aren’t complete the application might be rejected.

Step 3: Pay Fees

After ensuring that the documents are in order, you should proceed and pay for application fee. The fee differs, depending on the category of sponsorship visa. You will need to pay for biometrics, medical report and police certification (if applicable to the category of visa).

Step 4: Submit Application

You can now proceed and submit the application packages. This can be done via mail or courier services. For the courier service, there are different addresses for each category of the visa. You are required to pick the correct address.

Step 5: Communicate with IRCC

When you have submitted the application, you will need to link your application to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada online. This can be done with your online personal account or representative’s account.

If the personal online account isn’t provide, you can use Email address or better you can be receiving updates form IRCC through mail.

What’s the Cost of the Canada Visa Sponsorship Program?

The cost for family class sponsored visa in Canada averagely cost $550 but it is largely varies according to categories of visa

What’s the Waiting Duration for Visa Sponsorship Program?

The waiting period for the visa to be processed also depends on the category of the visa. Averagely, it is thirty days upward.

Common Forms Associated with Visa Sponsorship Program in Canada

Some common forms associated with sponsorship visa in Canada are:

1. IMM 1344: This is the sponsorship agreement form. It is requested to be signed as an evidence of proven that the sponsored will depend on you and it can be co-signed in the case where the sponsored will be taking care of themselves.

2. IMM 5481: This is also called Sponsorship Evaluation. It is to be filled to ascertain the worth of the sponsor. In the case where your spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner has a child who has a child of their own IMM 1283 form should be signed instead. Those living in Quebec doesn’t need to fill the form.

3. IMM 5476: This form is for sponsor who wishes to use a representative during the application process. The form is needed to be filled and submitted along with the application package.

4. IMM 5401: This is the original payment receipt form. It must be ordered online provided the sponsor is living in Canada. It will take 14 days for the form to reach you.

5. IMM 5409:  This form is known as Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union. This is for common-law partner to document their union during the application. It is part of the document to be filled for those in this category.

6. IMM 5540: This is sponsor questionnaire form that will make the sponsor to ask the sponsored the right questions.

7. IMM 0008: The Generic Application Form is to be filled Permanent Residence during the application process. The original, completed by the sponsored person, should be sent with the rest of the application.

8. IMM 0008DEP: This form involves answering the same set of questions, but on behalf of your dependents. This must be completed by the principal applicant who is being sponsored, when they have more than 5 dependents, whether they are accompanying the sponsored or not.

9. IMM 5669: This is also known as Background/Declaration form. It is a form to be filled by the sponsored and every family member older than 18 years old. It gives personal data as well as data on parents and past activities.

Conclusion: The sponsorship visa program in Canada is a visa meant to bring immediate family members to Canada. The visa allows the holder to live, work, school and access other benefits in the country. Only Canadian citizens or those with Canadian permanent residents can apply for the visa and while applying for the visa the sponsored is required to apply for a residence visa. The visa is not often rejected if all the requirements for the category of visa are met.

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